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Temporary Tattooth

Temporary Tattooth Professional Starter Kit

Temporary Tattooth Professional Starter Kit


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The Temporary Tattooth Starter Kit for Professionals includes everything you need to get... well... started. 

Over 100 individual Temporary Tattooths,  5mL of Temporary Tattooth Bonding Resin, 4 mL of etchant, 5 containers of colorant (each container of colorant will treat 20+ teeth, 2 Photo/Marketing Stands, 1 pair of Reverse Lock Tweezers.

The kit also includes links to 5 instructional videos on instrumentation, colorant preparation, application with and without colorants, and removal.  New technique videos will likely be added in the future.  The kit also includes a short section on tips, techniques, and recommended supplies. 

Please note: Temporary Tattooths Starter Kit for Professionals is intended for experienced dental and esthetic professionals.  If this is not your specialty, please purchase our Home Application Kit!

Starter Kit Contents

Temporary Tattooth Image Sheets: Choose 36 Tattooth Images in the Tooth Tattoo Selector HERE (Discounted automatically at Checkout - Just add 6 to your cart) OR if you're not sure what to choose, we'll include 2 Image Packs with 25 unique images in each pack: Mix Pack 1 + Mix Pack 2.

Colorants x 5  (Blue, Deep Purple, Bubble Gum Pink, Green, Gold Sparkle) 

5mL of Temporary Tattooth Bonding Resin

4mL of Temporary Tattooth Etchant (Priming Gel)

1 set of Reverse Lock Tweezers

Intro Letter and FAQ x 1

Photo Stands x 2

Links to tutorial videos, tips and techniques, and the Pro FAQ

Temporary Tattooth products and application, Colorant modified resin tooth bonding agent blending methods and application methods patents pending.  Licensing info and intro technique videos available from
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