Professional FAQ, Tips and Techniques

We hope you and your clients have as much fun with Temporary Tattooths™ as we’ve had putting them on ourselves.  Basic application is simple, however this FAQ, along with the online instructional videos should help provide direction to get you started.  Advanced techniques and applications will be available in the near future.

First, please see our YouTube Channel for technique videos. The link below with take you to one of our videos.  Other videos can be found in the video description.

Temporary Tattooth Application and Removal without Colorant

More videos will be added with additional tips and techniques in the future.  At this time, the videos are unlisted, so please use the following link above to access them.

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The FAQ is here at the top of the page.  The Tips and Techniques are at the bottom of the page.


Q:  How long does it take to apply and remove a Temporary Tattooth?

A:  Not long at all.  A single image with no colorant will usually only take 2-3 minutes to apply.  Application with colorant modified adhesive will add 2-3 minutes.  Removal takes about 2-3 minutes. 

Q:  Anesthetic?

A:  Nope!

Q:  How long do they last?

A:  Time varies depending on location in the mouth and application technique.  Without acid etch, around 2 days to 2 weeks.  With etch, usually 3 weeks up to 6 months.  With quality bonding agent and a proper application of a translucent flowable composite overcoat, 2 months to 8 months or more!

Q:  Are colorants and images safe?

A:  Images are made with a proprietary cellulose material that is non-toxic and is not harmful to ingest (however we still don’t recommend snacking on them).  Additionally, when it is applied to the tooth, it is encased in the resin matrix of the bonding agent.  We use the highest quality non-toxic inks, and tooth colorants that are made using cosmetic grade color additives.  Even still, we recommend the use of HVE suction during removal if a dental handpiece is used. 


Q:  Aftercare?

A:  Brush and floss as usual.  Don’t pick at them, unless you want to remove them!  Hard or crunchy foods and candy may chip Temporary Tattooths or colorants.  Invisalign or clear aligners/retainers can chip them as well (but they usually don't).  A clear translucent composite overcoat, properly applied, makes them very durable.


Q: Can clients eat and brush with them?

A:  Yes and Yes!  Please encourage clients to brush and floss like normal!  Eat good food!  Encourage them to visit a dentist every 6 months!

Q:  Can patients remove them at home?

A:  When applied without acid etching the tooth surface, it is very possible to remove Temporary Tattooths at home.  By repeatedly scratching the Tattooth with a (clean) fingernail they will come off.  We still recommend that patients return to you or a dental professional (during a routine cleaning) to ensure complete removal.  Patients should not use anything besides their fingernail; including, but not limited to knives, spoons, forks, sporks, fingernail clippers, rusty nails, broken glass, paperclips, fish hooks, etc for removal.  Either way, they can easily be removed without any damage to the tooth in-office.


Q:  I can only get them to stay on for a few days to a week, or they seem to fade with time?  How can I get them to last longer?

A:  Often this is related to the quality of the bonding agent/ bonding resin that is being used.  Lower quality bonding agents are much less durable and have poor overall retention on enamel.  Of the higher quality bonding agents,  Temporary Tattooth Brand bonding resin works well with all of our products and is our first recommendation.  Another of our current favorites is All-bond Universal by a company called Bisco.   Clearfil Bond Quick by a company called Kuraray has also worked well.  We have some Pros that have had good results with 3M products as well.  Unfortunately, Primedent and DX Bond products have been problematic and don't seem to hold up well long term.  Other things that can affect this are the strength of your curing light (better lights cure the resin faster and harder), or wiping etch from the tooth without rinsing with water after (even a thin film of etch, improperly rinsed, can compromise your bond).  The best longevity and durability comes from proper bonding technique, good quality bonding agent, and a clear flowable composite overcoat. 

Q:  Can I put them on a tooth with a crown or a filling?

A:  It’s possible, but on ceramic and metal crowns they don’t tend to stay for very long. It is possible to roughen the surface of a crown slightly prior to etching and bonding the image to the crown, or to use stronger etchant. This is not recommended, however, as it may compromise the integrity of the existing restoration. We recommend that you have the lab add the image to the indirect restoration prior to cementation.  For fillings, the image can be bonded to composite, and upon removal, the existing composite restoration can be polished.  Again, this is not recommended as it may damage the existing restoration. 

Q: What should I charge?

A:  It’s really up to you. We strongly recommend that the price include removal when the patient is ready. 

Q:  Are custom Temporary Tattooths available?

A:  Yes!  Custom images are available on our website here.


Q: Returns and Refunds?

A: Due to the nature of the product, we do not accept returns or exchanges.  If you need to cancel your order before it ships, please contact us at for a full refund.  In the unlikely event that a product arrives not as described, we will send replacements for damaged/missing products if photographs and a description of the issue are provided within 7 days of your receipt of the package.


Q:  International Shipping?

A: Packages are shipped via UPS, USPS, and DHL to get you the best shipping rate possible. Items shipped outside of the United States may be subject to import duties, taxes and/or charges which are not included in the total cost of your order, nor will they be covered or reimbursed by Temporary Tattooth LLC. International shipping along with customs and duty taxes can be surprisingly expensive.  Please be aware of this prior to placing an international order! 


Tips and Techniques

  • Any Dental bonding adhesive can work with Temporary Tattooths.  We prefer 8th Generation (Universal) adhesives for their ease of application.  Please follow the directions for your specific bonding adhesive.  
    • We commonly use All Bond Universal by Bisco (thinner, mostly clear), and Clearfil Bond Quick by Kuraray (thicker, slight yellow tint).  Some brands are much more durable than others.
    • More layers = more durable to an extent.  2-3 layers over an image is usually enough.
    • If you’re using a multiple part adhesive, apply images and/or add colorants using the *resin* and not the primer.
  • A 38% Phosphoric acid etch will significantly lengthen the time that a Temporary Tattooth will last.  Good bonding technique is also important.  Durability and the time the Tattooth will last depends on a number of factors and will vary from patient to patient.  Without etching, they will generally last from a couple of days to a week.  With etch, they will usually last from 2-3 weeks to 4-6 months.  Again, all Temporary Tattooths are easily removable with a highspeed or slowspeed dental handpiece at any time.  A (clean) fingernail or dental curette can also be used to remove Temporary Tattooths that have been applied without etch.
  • For extreme longevity, a thin layer of clear or translucent flowable composite over the image, after application will make the Temporary Tattooth easily last months, up to a year or more, instead of weeks.  (We have used Tetric EvoFlow (transparent) by Ivoclar Vivadent, but others are available).
  • Upper posterior teeth tend to last longer than lower posterior teeth.  (Front cusps of upper teeth get much less abrasion than the front cusps of lower teeth). Be aware of your clients occlusion!
  • Use the image demo cards to have patients choose their Temporary Tattooth.  Cut out the image(s) prior to sitting down with the patient. 
  • Slight wrinkles in the image sheets are normal and will not affect application or final appearance. 
  • Locking forceps or reverse tweezers make holding and placing the image MUCH easier.  
  • Light pressure for removal is very important.  You want to remove the Tattooth, bond, and colorant; not the enamel!
  • Applying colorants is a more advanced technique, and may take a little practice to get the best results...  but the results are worth it!!!   Colorants / Temporary Tattooths combinations can look amazing!  Colorants work best with quality bonding agents and either a strong curing light, longer cure times, or thinner coats.

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