Tooth Tattoos that last from 2 days up to 6+ months!!!

Home Application lasts 2 days to 2 weeks, home removal anytime! Click here!

Pro Application lasts 3 weeks to 6 + months, pro removal anytime!

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A Temporary Tooth Tattoo Home Application Kit.  People can apply Temporary Tattooths at home with this Tooth Tattoo kit!

Home Application Kits and More...

Temporary Tattooth Home Application Kits, Tattooth Sheets, Sheet Creator, additional supplies and more...

Home Collection
An image that says Temporary TattoothTooth Tattoo Selector. This image represents the process of choosing tooth tattoos for a custom bundle of Temporary Tattooths.

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This is an image of the Temporary Tattooth Logo with a circle that says Find a Pro!  It's to help people find professionals that can apply temporary tooth tattoos known as Temporary Tattooths.

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Click the button below to find someone who is applying Temporary Tattooths in your area! More to be added soon!

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An image of a Tooth Tattoo, or Temporary Tattooth, applied by a professional.  The Temporary tattoo for teeth is of a red heart with wings.

Pro Supplies

Temporary Tattooth supplies for professional application. Pro Starter Kits, Image sheets, Sheet Creator, Colorants, Marketing Stands, and more...

Professional Collection

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Tooth tattoos that are easily applied and easily removed in minutes.

No Needles. No Pain. No Commitment.

Temporary Tattooths™ are tattoos for teeth that give you a new way to show off your smile!