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Temporary Tattooth

Temporary Tattooth Image Sheet MINI Packs

Temporary Tattooth Image Sheet MINI Packs


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A specialized decal formulation that becomes transparent while images remain colorfast when properly applied to the tooth surface.

Our Temporary Tooth Tattoos will last from 2 days to over 6 months depending on the application technique used.  They can be easily removed at any time in just minutes.

Mini Packs are smaller versions of our regular Temporary Tattooth Image sheets.  Please see each pack's associated images for sheet size and included images.  (Please note:  gems are not included with the Tooth Gems Mini Packs)

New Mini Packs will be added periodically!

Temporary Tattooth products and application, Colorant modified resin tooth bonding agent blending methods and application methods patents pending.  Licensing info and intro technique videos available from
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