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Temporary Tattooth

Temporary Tattooth Essentials Kit

Temporary Tattooth Essentials Kit

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Introducing the Temporary Tattooth Essentials Kit! 

The Essentials Kit is similar to our Pro Kit, but on a smaller scale.  It's an awesome kit to get started with.

The Essentials Kit contains:

  • Step by step Instruction cards for tooth tattoo and colorant application with QR code links to our application method  videos
  • 2 Temporary Tattooth Colorants (Blue Opal Iridescent and Fine White Sparkle)  
  • 75 individual Temporary Tattooths (25 different images, 3 sizes each)
  • 2mL of Temporary Tattooth Bonding Resin
  • 2mL of 37% Phosphoric Acid Etch (Priming Gel)
  • Reverse Lock Forceps
  • Microbrushes and Cotton rolls

Additionally, this kit will be available for resale through select distributors!  Interested in becoming a distributor?  Drop us a message at

Temporary Tattooth products and application, Colorant modified resin tooth bonding agent blending methods and application methods patents pending.  Licensing info and intro technique videos available from
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