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Temporary Tattooth

Temporary Tattooth Colorants

Temporary Tattooth Colorants

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Single container of Temporary Tattooth Colorant.

Choose your color from the drop down menu above!

***Additional Colors Coming SOON!***

A specialized colorant that will remain colorfast when mixed with a quality bonding resin, and properly applied to the tooth surface. 

By themselves, our Iridescent Colorants are incredible!  The photos and videos just don't do them justice.  With fluctuations in the light, they have an opalescent or iridescent color shifting effect.  Some are more subtle, some are more bold.  Our Instagram page will have more examples of this soon!

Most Colorants can be paired for additional effect - Black Shimmer and our Iridescent colorants are an example of this.  When you select an Iridescent color from the drop down, You'll see the sample with and without a black undercoat.  The black will make the colors extremely bold. 

Colorants can be applied by themselves, layered, or applied in conjunction with a Temporary Tattooths and tooth gems!

Opal Tooth Iridescent Colorants Red, Blue, Green, Purple are more noticeable versions of the Galaxy Iridescent Colorants.  They have more iridescent/opalescent shimmer, and are less subtle.

Applying colorants is a more advanced technique, and will take a little practice to get the best results...  but the results are worth it!!!   Colorants, Layered Colorants, and Temporary Tattooths combinations can look amazing.

One container (1g) is enough for approximately 30+ teeth (...assuming you don't spill it or sneeze)

The full mouth photo shows a sample of our Galaxy - Iridescent Temporary Tattooth Colorants with and without a Black Shimmer Undercoat.  From Left to Right: Light Blue, Purple, Lime, Turquoise, Green, Blue.  Some are more subtle, Green, Blue, and Purple, and Pink Lime are more noticeable without an under coat giving an iridescent/opalescent shine.

Colorants work best with quality bonding agents!!  Temporary Tattooth Bonding Resin works great and has been tested with all colorants.  All-Bond Universal by Bisco is also a great choice.

Color modified teeth will also last from 3 weeks to over 6 months depending on the application technique used.  They can be easily removed at any time in just minutes.

Temporary Tattooth products and application, Colorant modified resin tooth bonding agent blending methods and application methods are patents pending.  Please see our Terms of Service for details.  Licensing info and intro technique videos available from
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