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Temporary Tattooth

Temporary Tattooth Bonding Resin and Priming Gel

Temporary Tattooth Bonding Resin and Priming Gel


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Temporary Tattooth Bonding Resin and Priming Gel are the same products and quantities that we include in our Home Application Kits. 

Our Bonding resin cures clear and hard.  We love it. 

Our Priming Gel has a great viscosity for easy application, and easy rinsing and removal. 

Can be purchased separately, or together.  Either way, a copy our instructions and warnings will be included with your purchase.

Warnings: Keep away from children. Choking hazard. Product contains Ethanol, which is flammable. Do not inhale vapor.  Prevent contact of Bonding Resin or Priming Gel with skin, mucous membranes, gums, and eyes.  If Bonding Resin or Priming Gel come into contact with skin, rinse immediately with soap and water. May cause burns or irritation to eyes, skin, or mucous membranes. Rinse eyes with water for several minutes if contact occurs.  Seek ophthalmological medical attention if pain persists. If allergic reaction occurs, seek medical attention as needed.  If more than a pea size amount is swallowed, immediately call a Poison Control Center or Doctor/Physician.  Mild temporary tooth sensitivity may occur.  Residue may remain on tooth after removal.  Gently scratch with fingernail to remove.  Complete removal may require removal by a dental professional.  Do not apply to teeth with dental restorations.  Do not look directly at the LED curing light.  By purchasing or applying Temporary Tattooths™, you acknowledge that if you are unable to complete removal yourself, you will visit a dental professional for removal at your own expense.  Bonding resin should not be used by individuals who have a hypersensitivity to methacrylates.  
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