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Temporary Tattooth

Temporary Tattooth Custom Photo Stands

Temporary Tattooth Custom Photo Stands

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Show off your Temporary Tattooth!

Put your favorite image on a photo stand to display.  

One side will show your image, the other will have the Temporary Tattooth logo.

We will contact you via Email after you order so that you can send us the jpeg, png, other digital image file, or custom request. 

Time to produce Custom images will vary.  We reserve the right to reject any image. 

Photographic and digital images are subject to copyright law.  In compliance with federal copyright law, Temporary Tattooth will not reproduce a copyrighted photograph or image without a signed release from the owner of the image. The release must be signed by both you and the owner of the image.  If you do not have the rights to the image, please don't order.  By ordering custom images, you acknowledge that you own the copyright to the images that you order, or that you have obtained the written permission of the copyright owner.  Thank you!
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